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SIL Provider

Are you a SIL Provider needing accommodation for your participants?

Current Situation

SIL Providers share the same complaint “just so damn difficult to find accommodation for our participants!”

With such demand by other renters out there, and such a low supply of rental property, this makes it so incredibly difficult to source places to house your participants. And if you do find, then the participants are in all different locations and directions making. This is an efficient use of your valuable time.

Meaning very little to no choice of accommodations and increased travel times!

Historical low vacancy rate = drastic shortage of rental property!

Damn, it is so incredibly difficult to find shared accommodations and non-shared, for participants these days … we keep hearing?

Is this true for you too?

We are looking for SIL Providers just like you, if this is you?

SIL Homes Australia

We understand your pain and how incredibly difficult it is to find accommodations to not only house your participants independently, but to also run your own business out of.

What if we purpose build a home for you, your provider business and for your participants?

SIL houses across Australia

Where to from here, what is the solution?

Our mission is to build homes, in your area of choice, with a generous floor plan to comfortably house your participants, in what can become their forever or temporary home.

You have full control of the home and as a business you will rent the dwelling and accommodate and manage your participants under one roof. When you sign a Head Lease agreement with the property management firm, no one can cut short your lease, allowing you to effectively run your business and house your participants.


Either own the home yourself OR an investor is found by you or us, to own the home.

Either way, you have a secured house in which to accommodate your participants comfortably, and run your practice out of. How good is that !


Signing a 3 or 5 year (or what ever number you pick) gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have the rights over that property for the term of the Head Lease, which can include options to renew, thus giving you even longer.

A Head Lease signed by you gives our investors peace of mind, knowing they have an A Grade tenant for that period of time.


Your practice will come to an arrangement with your participants you will house and collect ‘rent’ from them out of their packages, by providing them with an independent living option. Meaning it is your practice who will pay the required rent to the rental management firm, managing the property.


  • We fill find the land in your area of choice
  • Design the home to suit, with required modifications to accommodate a SIL
  • Have the home built
  • Within this process you will be introduced to the Rental Management team
  • Through which, you or your firm will sign a Head Lease Agreement with you
  • At completion, the home will be handed over to you and your participants will move in
  • The property will continue to be managed by the rental management team

Click here to make contact with us and share what it is that you are wanting.

NDIS Participant Accommodation