SIL Homes, why the need?

What is a SIL Home

Keeping it simple, it is a purpose built new home, that would present almost the same as the new home next door, but with slight modification such as wider doorways and modified bathrooms to help easily accommodate people with disability under the NDIS.

Why the need for a SIL Home then?

The answer is simple, and tragically so!


With over half a million participants currently under the NDIS, a strong majority want to live independently away from home, or outside of the unsatisfactory accommodations they have found themselves in today.

What we mean by this is that so many participants living outside of home are in group homes which are unsuited, tired and often crowded – or they are in nursing homes, hospitals or even staying at home with parents who are getting too old to help.

The current system is BROKEN, and sadly so. It is also unfortunately a growth sector with more people becoming disabled and more disable people joining the NDIS.

Another major problem is finding accommodation for participants whose major competition are families or others wanting to rent that property. Vacancy rates are at historical lows, with insufficient supply of Rental Accommodation Australia wide.

How in the heck can someone with disability, on a pension secure that rental property when competition is so strong and tenants willing to pay high rents to get it.


Building a new SIL House is a solution.

Getting the SIL Provider to sign a renewable Head Lease Agreement with you for 3 or 5 years, with increases.

The SIL Provider then runs and manages their business out of the home, which incorporates placing the tenants in the house, managing and looking after them all under one roof, collecting the funding from the NDIS for doing so, and paying you your rental income for the privilege.