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properT network




SIL Homes



We are driven by a strong work ethic and high moral values.

Our passion is to best serve the NDIS industry, provide purpose built homes, in suited locations, on a generous floor plan, to meet the needs of the participant.

At properT network, we invite you to join us and include SIL property in your portfolio so you may further take control of your own financial destiny.





SIL Houses



We are committed

To your goals. To building new accommodations for people with disability. to sharing our vast industry experience with you.



We care

About you. About your investment and about participants with disability. Our goal is to build fit for purpose, as many SIL homes


Highly Skilled

Our team comprises of highly skilled, knowledgeable and very well connected industry members. Meaning we will save you time, help you make an informed investment decision, for the purpose of you making more money





Stephen Lazar

Stephen Lazar