SIL Homes for you in Australia

High Yielding Investment Property


Built fit for purpose

Purpose Built with slight modifications, to feel just like a home in the suburbs, to meet the needs of someone with disability.


Value Investment

A “do excellent” investment, helping those way less fortunate than us and earning a decent coin in doing so.


Massive Demand

Very little to no Supply. Massive unmet demand. Sadly a growing market with more people needing to join the NDIS.

SIL Homes Australia

Investor or Provider


Invest in purpose built property, meet a growth sector head on. Provide needed accommodation for people with disability, wanting to live independently. High yields, capital growth, strong head lease agreements, in a growing market where supply is totally lacking and demand is sadly ever growing.

To service this growth industry, there is a strong emergence of SIL Providers (caregiver agencies), looking after people with disability under the NDIS, who daily seek out accommodations for the participants under their care.

Understanding NDIS Property
driven by values

We are driven by values

… at properT network, we are passionate about all things NDIS.

We love property. We thrive on helping our clients make informed investment decisions. We get excited doing the right things by others! Your opportunity to join us in securing your own SIL Home today is now. Helping those less fortunate than us.

SIL Homes  Your Investment Opportunity




Higher than residential market rental yields

Capital growth opportunity

Risk mitigated

High Demand

Low to no supply

Tight vacancy rate

5 year Head Lease

SIL provider for your tenant

Cash Flow Positive investment

Do ‘good’ investment

SIL Provider

Run your business from one location

Accommodations for your participants

Risk mitigated

Circumnavigate the high demand

Overcome low to no supply issues

Sign a head lease to ensure you have long term control

As the SIL provider manage your participants in one location

Own the property yourself as an investment

Do ‘good’ investment

SIL Houses for Care Providers

Are you a Care Provider and struggling to find accommodation for your participant(s)?

What if we had the solution, would you consider it?

Either you can own the SIL Home, or we will find an investor to own it, and you rent from the investor. Giving you full control of the accommodation having all your participants under one roof.

Let’s work together on your
next investment project … a high yield SIL House

We invite you to work with us, we will guarantee to save you time, help you make an informed Investment Decision, for the purpose of you making more money.